April 18, 2013

B.C. Author Deborah Hodge @ Kent School

Today was a great day in the Kent School library because British Columbia author,  Deborah Hodge was here. She  writes nonfiction books for children, was an elementary school teacher, and is a research enthusiast with 26 published books to her credit. Deborah spent the day presenting workshops to all of our students. The grades 2, 3, and 4 classes attended her workshop on 'Canadian Animals'. The kindergarten and grade 1 classes learned about 'Bears & Beavers', and the grades 5 and 6 classes spent the afternoon listening to Deborah present about 'Inspiration for Writing'. They learned about the author's writing process, how the author and illustrator collaborate, where the author finds inspiration for writing, and how the wonderful art that dominates her books is developed. Deborah began writing for children because she wanted to give her students books about animals that they could read. Since that time she has written books which serve young animal enthusiasts and readers very nicely. Her books combine just the right amount of text, large highly detailed paintings, and all the features of nonfiction writing that students and teachers look for, such as a table of contents, index, labelled diagrams, large full-spread illustrations, cross-section illustrations, and close-ups. She really knows her audience and gives them the kinds of books that they can pour over and learn from

Thanks to our P.A.C. for sponsoring Deborah Hodge's visit. We all enjoyed a day of learning and sharing in the Kent School library. Thanks to Deborah for a coming to our school to teach us about books, reading, and being an author. Finally, thanks to our students for their attention and great questions. 

What did you read today?
Mrs. Dumas