April 3, 2014

BC Author Becky Citra @ Kent School Today

B.C. Author  Becky Citra 
was at Kent School today ...

to talk about her work as an author, where she draws her ideas, how her experiences work their way into her writing, and to launch her new book, Finding Grace. She also invited students, staff, family and friends to join her at her official book launch on Saturday @ 2pm at the Agassiz-Harrison Museum. It's a party to celebrate her new book which means book draws, a chance to meet and greet with Becky, book signing, and refreshments. See you there!

I'm reading Whiteout! (by Becky Citra)
What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas

February 8, 2014

Gold Medal Reading @ Kent School

Let the games begin @ Sochi, Russia !
What do Olympic medals and books have in common ?
Book award medals...
Since 1922 books that are excellent, outstanding, distinctive, and loved by readers are awarded writing and illustration medals for excellence. Book awards come from many countries, and feature many different aspects of book publication. 

Children's book medals have been awarded since 1922. 
Newbery Medal (1922)
[US medal for best fiction] 
Caldecott Medal (1938)
[US medal for best illustration]

The Governor General’s Literary Awards (1936) 
known affectionately as “the GGs” 
 [Canada for children's literature and illustration]

Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award (1947)
[Canada for best children's literature]

Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award (1971)

[Canada for best children's illustration]

Marilyn Baillie Medal (2006)
[Canada medal for best illustrated picture book ]

Geoffrey Bilson Medal (1988)
 [Canada medal for Historical Fiction]

Norma Fleck Medal (1999)

[Canada medal for nonfiction]

 Monica Hughes Medal (2011)
[Canada medal for Science Fiction and Fantasy]

John Spray Medal (2011)
[Canada medal for mystery fiction]

Pacific Northwest Library Association 
Young Reader's Choice Award (1940)
[Best books chosen by kids from, Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, 
Idaho, Montana, Washington]
The Chocolate Lily Young Reader's Choice Awards (2002)
[British Columbia for best books chosen by kids from B.C.]

Best books for our students to read!
What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas

February 1, 2014

School Library Hosts Free Book Swap

Thursday, February 6 
is the day of our free book swap. 
Bring in gently used children's books that you and your children no longer want and earn tickets 
to exchange your books 
for books that others have donated. 
A simple idea that really works.
It's free, it's fun, and the books go fast. 
Thanks for donating your books :)

Getting books into the hands 
of all of our students is our goal.

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas

January 21, 2014

Conference Night Library Visit

This Thursday, January 23 parents, students and teachers will be conferencing in their classrooms. Students will be showing their parents what they are learning, demonstrating some of their reading and math skills, and showing them around their classrooms. I invite all parents, families, and students to drop by the library and read a book together, sign out a book, and browse our library book collection. 
Parents can also sign up for a family library card which allows them to sign out 5 books each week for family reading at home. 

I look forward to seeing you in our school library. 
Mrs. Dumas

January 9, 2014

Babymouse Trend @ Kent Library

The graphic novel series, Babymouse, is becoming very popular with our student readers. The books very seldom make in into the graphic novel bin because as soon as they are being returned another observant student reader scoops it up, signs it out, and returns to class with their nose in the book. It is becoming a trend.

Have you seen one yet? 
The newest book is Babymouse Dragonslayer. 
What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas