September 10, 2016

Welcome Back to the Library

Welcome back to another year of reading in the Kent School library. The boxes of new books have started to arrive and the students will soon be making their first visits to the library. Drop in and see some of our new books and say hello.

Welcome back!
Mrs. Dumas

June 13, 2016

Hip Hip, Hurray!

A big Kent School thank you goes out to the very dedicated group of community volunteers who run a program called 'Early Morning Readers' at our school. Who are these wonderful people? They are a group of retired folks from the Agassiz and Harrison area who like to help kids read. From October until June they volunteer to listen to our youngest readers read.  Sounds simple doesn't it. It is and it works. Readers from grade one to grade three line up Tuesday and Thursday mornings, before school starts, just to have the chance to read aloud to their volunteer friends. Thank you to these very special volunteers who are making a big difference in the lives our students. The program ended last week with a party hosted by the volunteers. Reading, and a party? What could be better!