January 15, 2017

The Red Bicycle : Another Big Idea Book

This week we will be reading The Red Bicycle, by Jude Isabella; another 'big idea' book for our older students. It's one of the Citizen Kid books, published by Kids Can Press... 
'a collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens'. 
One bike making a big difference in the lives of people. 
We'll read it and consider the big ideas, the connections with our own lives, and the questions it provokes. 

Drop by and read it yourself:)
Mrs. Dumas

January 8, 2017

Henry's Freedom Box : Books With Big Ideas for Older Readers @ Kent School

This week we will be reading books with our intermediate students, yes picture books. These are picture books that have 'big ideas' that challenge our thinking and make us think deeply about ourselves and our world. Henry's Freedom Box is the first of eight books we will read over the next weeks. If you want to read the books yourself, they will be on display in the library. What do you think the big idea is? What will you remember? What do you wonder? 
Mrs. Dumas